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carreguei msm :D

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Contato para parcerias:
Firewall154 : oq acharam da partida bonus no final? SHUAHSUAHSAUSHAUSHSU
H4RDZINN : Joga mto fire todo sucesso pra ti
Foxgalax6224 : 13:04 eu n consegui parar de rir nessa parte kkkkkk
RenatoXz : Ganhei minha noite com essa ultima partida KKKKKKKKKKKKK, muito bom fire trás mais
Leandroo : um dos melhores videos que eu ja assisti seu fire! continua assim kkkkkk

What is a Firewall?

This is an animated video explaining what a network firewall is. A firewall is a system that is designed to prevent unauthorized
access from entering a private network by filtering the
information that comes in from the internet. A firewall blocks
unwanted traffic and permits wanted traffic.

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Browse the internet in privacy.
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Solaire : Best IT channel on youtube...
Mariam Mnyeti : U guys are better than my best Lecturers, u explain concepts in such a way my grandma can easily catch it up.

U made me fall in love with Networking again.
I really appreciate.
Philip Hy : This is the best explainer channel by far. Unfortunately most smart tech people are pretty bad at explaining to others, which makes it super frustrating and at the worse of times makes me feel stupid. However, when I see these videos explained so clearly, it changes my whole look outlook on my abilities and the IT field. I can't emphasize how much these videos mean to me. Thank you!
Maria Teresa Luzano : I learned alot from this channel. You simplified a complex topic by making sure that a non-technical person, like me, understand the basic principle behind it and using graphics for a more clearer and visual learning. You got a new sub here.

Firewall: Grundlagen

Dieses Webinar gibt Ihnen eine Einführung in den Einsatz einer Firewall als IP-Gateway. Für mehr Sicherheit in Ihrem Netzwerk.
MEGALITHdotORG : Super erklärt, sehr verständlich, optimales Tempo! Vielen Dank!
Mojtaba Behroozi : das war ein großartiger video, ausgesprochen hilfreich.
Danke vielmals :)
Norbert Echo : Respekt. Das Thema ist sehr verständlich aufgebaut.
Abdul Hamid : Grossartig dieser Vortrag
Female kühlregal : ❤️




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