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Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moonphase SRX008P1 Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moonphase Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the reference SRX008P1 Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moonphase Watch. Retail price is about $1,200.

TWITTER: @aBlogtoWatch
Nexus Achiles : I've owned this watch for five years now. It's worth mentionning a few things for those who might be interested in this piece. The days of the month are written so small that they are very hard to read. The second hand doesn't hit the markers dead on. The leather strap is slightly rigid and uncomfortable even after several years. The small deployment clasp piece holding the leather strap becomes a bit lose with time and can let the strap go when you open the main clasp. Like most kinetics it needs two to three days wearing to fully charge it. Good casual classic watch overall. No problem to report in 5 years. It doesn't go unnoticed if you like that in a watch.
Sayeef Khan : I used to own this exact piece and regret so much flipping it. Seiko is without a doubt one of the best watch makers in the world, love them.
Aspect : Nice to see ABTW doing more mainstream Seiko products
Macca95 : "40mm wide so it's a dress watch" It really scares me if we're in the day and age that 40mm is a dress watch. 40mm is a sports watch size and in my mind 34-38 is a dress watch. Anything over that is too visible and no longer what a true dress watch should be.
BahLahKay : When got my prospex kinetic gmt. I had a day on it when I got it from the shop so I had I goal to make it to 6 months (full battery). It's pretty fun with kinetic.

JBL speakon plate srx700 vlog!


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Lhara McFadden : We also have a JBL speaker at home. I'm so amazed by the power of its volume.
Mikay Kikay Vlogs : Wow ... this One of my brothers addiction too hehe
TeamCasil Vlogs : Sulit na sulit to parekoy! =)
Sample Tutorial : wow
Say Dizon : nice one!

JBL SRX 835P & 828SP Sound Test

This is my second video where I roll out a portion of my SRX line up. I like the nice warm sound these pro-sumer units provide, but they are very heavy and cumbersome for one person to try and manhandle. I did not EQ anything in these videos, I just rolled them out and plugged in my MacBook Pro.
Sandro Tepedino : Thank you for this video. The 835 speaker tower includes a mid clarity voice coil 6.5 inch I wish it! And it has also two dual subs. Wait, there is four towers and 2 dual subs :O
gilbert ojode : thank you... i wish i had that set up...clean and congratulations for the hardwork youve put in to have such an awesome set of equipment.. thank you for inspiring us towards ownership of the same
Dan Guzman : THE MOST perfect (BOX) sound I have ever heard. Thanks!!!
adolfo schilling : GRACIAS, excelente demostración.
Ezra Richards : Hey. What is the advantage of stacking the 3 ways on top of each other?




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