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[MV] 10cm _ HELP

[MV] 10cm _ HELP

*English subtitles are now available.
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바다 : 울었다 특히 '변하지 않을 모든 것들이 나는 자신이 없는데'에서
Grace Robinson : This covers a lot of tough topics in Korea. The first being the man who lacks an education and so he's trying to teach himself Korean. The second is how LGBT don't feel safe or feel like their outcasts. The third being divorce. The fourth being how heavy is considered ugly. But when we're all in pain we overlook all that for comfort. Absolutely beautiful. Good job 10cm.
kfantasy fandom : Yep does still doesn’t fail to make me cry
LEE A.L.I : 14/12/2022 the song still in my list …..masterpiece.
gatita de yoongi : esta canción es realmente hermosa,cada vez que me siento mal la escucho y genera un pequeño consuelo a mi corazón, la música es un escape para mi y creo que es mi forma favorita para expresarme, pedir ayuda es lo que hago pero escucharla es suficiente para mi

The Beatles - Help!

Music video by The Beatles performing Help!. © 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Subafilms Ltd
Sean Scillia : You all laugh at Ringo but he was prepared for that fake snow.
socks : I love how Ringo is just there sitting like ☂️
Mei Fennelly Sieu : It's fantastic to see people of so many nationalities enjoying this. You know you've established your presence in the music world when you've united so many people under just the enjoyment of your albums.

Anyway, cheers.
John Maggitti PhD : At 63 I get diagnosed with a nasty cancer. This song really expresses to me how we allow ourselves to believe in our immortality until nature puts in that 'you are human' wakeup call.
Дарья : Это видео дает мне заряд позитива и я всегда смеюсь во время просмотра. Наблюдать за их лицами и реакциями одно удовольствие, это так естественно и невинно. То, как Ринго и Джордж пытаются быть в кадре - это прекрасно ❤

John Farnham - Help (Lyrics)

Playlist-Slow Rock, Folk Rock \u0026 Country\u0026list=PLG5KMTKVhA47YDV72xGuCG1DmXNhZuH6W\u0026ab_channel=ALLMIXED
Playlist-Hard Rock Ballad, Heavy Metal\u0026list=PLG5KMTKVhA44-0Cs0bsq7AgUR3Oa3GBrN\u0026ab_channel=ALLMIXED

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eBenguet Tribe Vlog : Was searching for this song by John with lyrics in the past years. Only now I start to do same and found it. Thank you so much for uploading it host.
Nikola & Slavica : BRAVO
Amazing Bebot Channel : Nice song
David MAYOR : Super very nice songs ️
michele peris : John Farnham era Considerato dal grande Freddie Mercury una delle voci più belle nel mondo Misicale! Stupenda questa canzone!




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