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LED Strip Replacement Tutorial - LG 42LN TV - How to Replace the LED Strips No Backlights

How to Replace LED Strips in a LG 42LN Model
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Chris Stauble : Well done video, it really helped in bringing my LG TV back to life.
Thank you for the clear and concise instructions.
Mark : Top stuff my man thanks to this video I easily was able to fix my lg tv by identifying the bad led strip and fitting a new one. Tv is now fully working again. Liked and subscribed.
Paul Stephenson : Hi what do you recommend for the 2 pieces of plastic used to remove the panel? Do I have to worry about scratching it as well as breaking it? TIA
*** Ray of Sunshine *** : Just replaced the LED strips on my 55" LG HD tv but didnt keep the diffusion panels in order. when i put it back together it has cage effect ghosting on bright areas. i need to know how the diffusion panels go back in the right order ? thanks.
unsteadycarrot : Excellent tutorial, just repaired my 47" with some LED strips from banggood for £21 inc priority shipping!. Thanks

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